You’ve been struggling with heartbreak long enough. Stop numbing, avoiding and denying your pain and start feeling better.

Stop Suffering From the Pain of Your Broken Heart and Finally Start Healing.

If you’re ready to learn the valuable recovery tools I discovered from my own experience of a crushing heartbreak, read on:

  • Life as you knew it is over. It’s a crushing painful realization that the person you loved has moved on without you, leaving you in emotional pain so great that it physically hurts. Don’t you wish there were a roadmap to get you out of the maze?
  • I know it doesn't seem possible to imagine you’ll ever get past the feelings of loss, unworthiness and fear. You might feel like you’ll be frozen in this state of sadness and despair forever – because your life has changed forever.
  • It's time to stop asking why they left and start asking what you can do today to start feeling better. Read on for my personal story.

Tired of feeling like this day after day?

 I know these awful feelings firsthand.

I’m Patty Blue Hayes, the award winning author of Wine, Sex and Suicide – My Near Death Divorce and today, a life coach on a mission to help people like you move through the pain of heartbreak in as healthy a way as possible. I didn’t do that and my broken heart almost claimed my life.

Don't You Wish There Were A Roadmap To Get You Out Of This Maze?

I didn’t know who I was without being my husband’s wife. When he said with such clarity, “I don’t think we should be married anymore,” my heart almost stopped beating. I knew he meant it. He moved out 5 days later after our 17 years together and I was left feeling abandoned and broken.

If you’re feeling like I did after my husband left, you may be feeling anxious, confused and in despair. You’re not eating or sleeping and your mind is looping the same sad thoughts over and over.

You might not have been given a real answer as to why he left and you feel blindsided and in shock.

​Even if you've been stumbling for months and feel like the pain will never go away, you can feel better despite your circumstances.

    • What if you could take charge of your thoughts and feel like you could cope with the changes?
    • What if you had a plan of action in place to get you through the darkness and had a compassionate guide to lead you with empathy toward the healing light?
    • Imagine feeling a sense of relief, knowing you have the support you need to get through each day with a little more hope than the day before?

I know it doesn’t seem possible to imagine you’ll ever get past the feelings of loss, unworthiness and fear. You might feel like you’ll be frozen in this state of sadness and despair forever – because your life has changed forever.

But In This One Moment, Right Now, You Have A Choice To Decide To Take Action.

I wanted to heal and transform into one of the happy women staring back at me from the starting over section in magazines, women who seamlessly gallivanted past their severed marriages to start amazing businesses and take up exotic hobbies . . .

But that wasn’t my story.

If you’re like me, you might have good intentions to heal and evolve but may be using sex, drugs and rock and roll to escape the pain. Too much shopping? Rebound relationships? It’s time to put an end to all of that.

In my 17-year relationship and marriage, I was too dependent on my husband for my feelings of worth and value as a human being and as a wife. When he left, I felt broken.

He was my whole world and it crushed me to think I failed as a wife, that my husband was so miserable with me.

Having your spouse walk out and tell you, “I’m not in love with you anymore,” is a soul-crushing blow like nothing I’d ever experienced.

I’d been through the deaths of my parents; I thought certainly I could get through my divorce. But it was an entirely different kind of loss. And when the pain from rejection and betrayal became too great to bear, I tried to end my life.

You may have even had those thoughts but you’re too ashamed to tell anyone.

And so you feel even more alone . . .  

That no one understands what you're going through.

But no one should go through heartbreak alone.​

You Need A Guide On This Type Of Journey

  • Just like any other goal we set for ourselves, healing from heartbreak is an important goal.
  • We all heal differently and on our own timeline.
  • This program is a solid, structured, easy guide for you to follow to get you on the right path toward healing.
  •  I didn’t have a roadmap, so that’s why I’ve created one.

I was seeing my therapist twice a week but after I left her office I went back to the same thinking and the same drinking to avoid my feelings.

I was doing some good things, like volunteer work, but I didn’t understand how to really take charge of my healing.

  • I didn’t know about setting my intentions 
  • I didn't know how to monitor my thoughts
  • I wasn't living in the present moment 
  • I didn’t know how to identify my emotions and that emotions are energy in motion. They live in the body and need to be expressed and released.

I Was Stuck Wallowing In The Past Or Projecting Way Out Into The Bleak And Unknown Future.

But I kept moving forward, determined to get past the pain. One of the most valuable things I can share with you is this:

You have to go through the pain to get to the other side of it.​

Why didn’t my therapist tell me that? And why couldn’t she have told me how to identify my emotions using the emotional guidance scale and give me ideas on how to express my feelings and release them?

You might be feeling like the awful emotions will stay with you forever and so you’re afraid to allow them to come to the surface. But you know what? Emotions are a lot like the clouds in the sky, they change from moment to moment. And as you’ve learned, nothing lasts forever.

I Know You Might Be Thinking, "How Is This Program Going To Make Things Better When It's Not Going To Bring My Spouse Back?"

Well, that is true, your life circumstances have changed. The question is how are you going to respond to that change? There are two kinds of changes we go through in life, those of our own choosing and the ones we have no control over. We certainly don’t like those very much. But are we going to let those changes define us?

Yes, I plopped myself on the couch and watched mindless television, trying to block out my worry. Yes, I was numbing out with alcohol and trying to prove I was a desirable woman by bringing home strangers. But gradually, I started to make progress.​

  • I started reading books on personal growth and how powerful our minds are in creating our experiences.
  • I connected back with my spiritual side that I’d let go in the marriage.
  • I picked up different healing practices and tried them repeatedly.

I had backslides, plenty of them because I was a bit directionless without a plan and I didn’t know then what I know now.

I don’t want you to be one of the ones who spins in circles day in and day out for months and months without feeling any better at all. I’ve seen this happen too many times.

People will tell me how miserable they are, how empty, alone, anxious and confused ~ but when I ask if they’ve taken action to feel better . . . . sadly, the answer is no.

                   I can’t state this clearly enough:

No change = No change

If you don't take any action at all to change your thoughts, beliefs and actions, things will stay the same. You'll have the same fear of the future, the same sense of unworthiness, the same anxiety and the same despair. 

I Created My "You Can Heal Your Heartbreak" Program To Give You Relief 

My heart knows if you're reading this, you may have collapsed to the ground in gut wrenching pain, sobbed until you had no more tears and spent many nights without sleep. That was me. And I felt so alone. I don’t want you to feel as alone as I did and I want to give you a good solid set of proven practices that you can bring into your daily life and start to feel better.

All of the 12 practices in the program I crafted were gathered up along my very bumpy path of healing my own heartbreak.

These practices came from my personal healing journey and my study of people like my mentor Mike Dooley and teachers like Pema Chodron, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Napoleon Hill, Mary Manin Morrissey, Caroline Myss, Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte, Deepak Chopra, Abraham Hicks, Teal Swan, Les Brown, JB Glossinger, Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Murphy, PhD, Louise Hay, Don Miguel Ruiz, Joe Vitale, Sonia Choquette, Christie Marie Sheldon and many others.

I received formal Life Coach training and went on to become a certified facilitator of the self empowerment program, Infinite Possibilities, created by NY Times Best Selling author Mike Dooley, who is also known for his part in the movie, The Secret.

The 12-session "You Can Heal Your Heartbreak" program features an easy to use system. Choose your device anytime that's convenient for you.

Of course I don’t recommend listening while you’re driving as there are meditations and journaling exercises, but you can always listen to the session and do the exercises later.




  • How you get to choose how to respond to heartbreak
  • Why some family or friends aren’t supportive
  • How to discern which friends to turn to for emotional support
  • The blood work test I suggest you ask your doctor about
  • Suggestions for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support
  • The end of the week exercise that will show you your progress



  • Preparing for the journey of heartbreak recovery
  • Discover if you feel deserving of taking care of yourself
  • What phrases and expressions to include in your self talk
  • The important practice that's critical to move forward
  • 7 Insightful journal prompts to discover possible limiting beliefs
  • How to use your smartphone to keep your self care on track
  • The one important question to ask yourself each day



  • What exactly emotions are and where they live in the body
  • An exercise to explore different feelings
  • Pausing your impulse for the emotional escape route
  • Asking your emotions what they need
  • Matching your actions to the energy of the emotion
  • My favorite use of an onion
  • A guided visualization to release anger



  • The five and five method
  • The science behind gratitude is promising in reducing depressive symptoms
  • Writing a letter of gratitude from the future
  • A guided visualization for getting perspective
  • Creating a timeline of past challenges you've overcome
  • Rewriting your story



  • Don't go back to an empty well 
  • Putting all your interactions through a supportive filter
  • A broken heart needs purity for healing
  • Infuse your water with healing qualities
  • Why I suggest a media fast 
  • Your turquoise blue sphere of protection 
  • Journaling for comfort, peace and more 



  • The physics law that will help you feel better 
  • How to lessen the charge of dealing with memorabilia
  • A visualization to help bring in new colors
  • Finding renewal in your closet
  • Get rid of this one thing you shared with your spouse
  • Let go of physical things to lighten up the energy



  • The difference between receiving and taking
  • How the present moment is in the palm of your hand
  • My favorite use for a magnifying glass
  • How to use chocolate for mindfulness
  • The powerful simplicity of intention setting



  • How to tap into your IGS (Internal Guidance System)
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with creature comforts
  • The purest form of energy
  • Your own ruby slippers
  • Your past joyful self in a guided meditation 



  • The F word. Fear 
  • Faith is not religion
  • The importance of talking to your fear
  • Get rid of hope and what to replace it with
  • Why not to ask "Why?"



  • What to look for on YouTube to feel better
  • How to put on your magic cape
  • A Buddhist practice to help you not feel alone
  • The imaginary council of advisors



  • The way people treat us has to do with us, not them
  • Who you need to love, honor and cherish
  • The impact of making eye contact
  • The valuable quantum leap conversation with your future self



  • Why I exiled myself to Romania for Christmas
  • Where to find the best volunteer match
  • Replacing the void in your life
  • Physiological benefits of volunteering
  • Random acts of kindness

There’s no reason to struggle through each day aimlessly, feeling like you just can’t wait for nightfall so you can go to sleep and not think about your ex and how your life has changed.

Even though your life circumstances have changed, and you might feel powerless because it wasn’t your choice, the power you have is in making this decision: How are you going to deal with it from this day forward?

From what I’ve learned having been through my own experience and talking with many women, the biggest mistake we make is to turn a blind eye to our healing thinking that the passage of time is the only thing that will help.

You can’t change what happened but you can choose how you deal with it.

What People Are Saying

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The process Patty shared really helped me reconnect with my true self and feel inspired again.”

“Patty's Healing from Heartbreak program came into my life at the perfect time. Her practical guidance helped me feel supported and provided immense affirmation for what I was experiencing during emotional turmoil. I feel stronger, more at peace, and more centered, thanks to Patty's amazing program."

Natalie Stets
- Intuitive guide and coach

I highly recommend this set of beautiful self care audio moments ... actually the best part of the break up is finding myself again."

From worrier to warrior. My brain was in a place of confusion and loss of focus. The fact that these are audio really made the difference! I can't tell you how many sleepless nights I spent listening to Patty. Even if one single thing sticks and resonates with you, it's well worth the cost of admission.

One hundred thousand worries spin through my head after the break up, was I good enough. Was I pretty enough. Was I listening to his needs and mine. Is the sex better with her? Do my kids like her more? What happened to us? Where was I during all this ?!?? How did I not see this coming?

We can listen to that patten of worry or we can take Patty's perspective. Listening to Patty when I couldn't bear my own thoughts gave me practical actionable exercises. One changing thought at a time happened over the course of this audio blog. Then lo and behold... I became whole with my own thoughts. I processed and I knew there was a life beyond my precious thoughts.”

Diana Stephens
- Designer at Dee Chic Magnifique
John Doe UI/UX Designer

12-Session "You Can Heal Your Heartbreak" Audio Program

Special Introductory Price Just $97 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


 Here's an important reminder . . .

You are the only one who can make the decision to take action. Reading this won’t change anything. Purchasing the program won’t change anything. It’s only by actually listening to the audios and doing the exercises that things will start to change. Even when you don’t feel like it’s helping – you keep doing it because that’s the benefit of practice; we get better.

Have you ever trained for a marathon or prepared for a big exam or maybe you play piano?
What happens when you don’t train, study or practice?
The same applies for healing from heartbreak.

Taking Consistent Deliberate And Intentional Action Is The Only Way To Make Improvement In Anything. Including Healing From Heartbreak.

Think about how many more days, weeks or months do you want to go on feeling just like you are right now as you’re reading this? I numbed out with alcohol and bedmates.

We might overwork, fooling ourselves into believing that keeping busy is a good thing when the truth is, not dealing with our feelings is the worst thing we can do.

At some point your health might even be affected and then you’re ultimately forced to face the emotions you tried to stuff with shopping or sex or jumping from one toxic relationship to the next.

Imagine Feeling Like This Again

Why wait until the stress has taken a toll on your physical or mental health? 

Start Healing Your Heartbreak In Just 20 Minutes With The First Session

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The Special Introductory Price Of Just $97

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel any benefit from these practices by the end of the 12 weeks, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

I'm here to support you on your healing path . . . 

With love and compassion,

Yes, I want to start feeling better now!